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Welcome to the MP45 Family. The next 45 days are going to be some of the best days of your life! MP45 is a gradual progressive workout program and meal plan approach that eases you into a healthy lifestyle and ramps the intensity up so you see better and better results throughout the program. Your motivation and overall mentality will greatly improve as well.

Are you ready to look and feel better than ever?

Getting Started
- Before you start the MP45 Program, make sure to take your "before” photos (one from the front, sides, and back) and grab your starting weight and basic measurements (such as body fat %). You can use this for added motivation and to track your progress. That’s why documenting these results are so important. In addition, if you send us your 45 day transformation pictures after you complete the program, we will send you a FREE MP45 T-SHIRT.
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